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If you are haunted by failure, everything falls out of your hands, all your plans fall apart or your health shook dramatically, your income drops, it is very likely that someone is intentionally hurting you.

If you find strange objects (burnt matches, rags, needles, threads, hair, etc.), maybe they’re doing magic against you

If you notice behavior that was previously unusual for you, strange thoughts, aggression, tears, most likely, infernal parasitic entities affect you.

Contact! Any attack directed against you can be stopped.

We will help to destroy the love spell, remove the curse (evil eye, damage), free from infernal entities, clean your apartment and restore the normal life path.

For more than 30 years, Andrei has been praying faith in ancient languages, expelling and captivating demons, healing them, destroying tribal curses, witchcraft and correcting destinies.

Victoria, possessing the gift of clairvoyance, helps to find the root of the problem and the causes of its occurrence. Andrey and Victoria have been helping people to get rid of problems for 8 years, they teach and learn to live happily, pray for healing and getting rid of curses and obsession with demons.

In tandem, Andrei and Victoria can accurately determine and correct the cause of suffering and deprivation in a person’s life with jewelry accuracy. Contact us, and we will help you live a full, prosperous life and indicate how you will be protected, healthy and happy.

Why Choose Us


30 years ago, Andrew survived the Epiphany, and from that time, through his prayers, thousands of people freed from demons.


For 8 years, Andrei and Victoria have been holding joint receptions. Their tandem (healer and clairvoyant) gives wonderful results.


Over the years, more than 10,000 people attended our receptions. In Samara, Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities.

Very important

If you need help to get rid of obsession, witchcraft, psychopathic disorders, then we provide such assistance only in person.

We speak with our customers only in Russian. If you do not know Russian, we can provide you with an experienced translator.

What questions do they call us for help

If you feel a witchcraft effect on yourself (love spell, spoilage, causeless diseases, financial and other losses), contact us. Witchcraft can be purposeful and spontaneous (when a person, possessing unconscious power, does evil with his thoughts). But his strength can be significant. The consequences of witchcraft sometimes lead to significant problems: families collapse, business collapses, health is undermined, and life begins to develop in a negative scenario. As a rule, the suspicion of witchcraft against oneself comes too late. However, everything can be fixed and restored. In addition to the lost time. If you feel the influence of third parties, fill out the form at the bottom of this page and make an appointment with us. Andrew will help you deal with any witchcraft or other negative effects. Fill out the application form at the bottom of this page and we will contact you to agree on the date and time of the visit.

If you feel that someone has settled in you, an endless dialogue takes place in your head, if you are experiencing panic attacks, obsessive thoughts, temptations to take any action against your will, if you experience uncontrolled attacks of aggression, phobia and other - this indicates that you have become a victim of demonic influences. Of course, there were reasons for this, but it is absolutely not worth it to endure. We will help you get rid of these problems, freeing you from the effects of parasitic entities.
If you need help, fill out the entry form at the bottom of this page and we will contact you to agree on the day and time of the visit.

But remember - it is easy to drive out a demon. Andrew will do it. It is much more difficult to eliminate the reasons that led to its settlement in you. And nobody can solve this for you. You will have to change yourself so that infernal parasites cannot use you again in their interests.

As a rule, any mental disorder, be it ordinary depression or more serious manifestations of the disease, has a spiritual root and a very specific cause. Contact us! We know how to help you. Fill out the application form at the bottom of this page and we will contact you to agree on the date and time of the visit.

If a restless spirit has settled in your house, you see dead people or creatures from another world, if your pets begin to behave unnaturally, if your child complains about someone in the closet or under the bed, there may be evil in your house. Contact us, and we will clean and protect the room from guests from the infernal world. Fill out the entry form at the bottom of this page and we will contact you to agree on the day and time of the visit.

We have no tariffs and price lists. We accept voluntary donations, the amount of which you determine yourself. Avaricious and ungrateful visitors, we refuse to re-admission.


Love spells,
And other ways of harming people.

Participation in witchcraft (affairs of darkness) guarantees a curse in your life and in the life of your descendants until the third generation.

Contact us

Write in detail. We will carefully study your letter.


+7 937 998 84 51

Russia, Samara, st. Ospenko 3, building 3, of. 211



Russia, Samara,
st. Ospenko 3, building 3,
office 211


+7 937 998 84 51